The compact Raspberry Pi plug & play solution: IOT compact panels


 IoT Compact Panels can be integrated quickly an easily into customer’s applications and form a perfect basis

With the IoT Compact Panels, we offer compact, plug & play TFT display solutions in sizes from 7″ (17.78cm) to 27″ (68.58cm). The Raspberry Pi-based TFT controller Artista-IoT is mounted on the rear of the display in a rugged metal housing. Thus the IoT Compact Panels can be integrated quickly an easily into customer’s applications and form a perfect basis for,e.g., industry 4.0 projects or the Internet of Things. Of course other applications, which used to require an expensive industrial PC, do benefit from this solution, too. [more]




Transflective 10.4″ TFT for bright environments


Transflective 10.4" Mitsubishi TFT display AA104XL02 with perfect sunlight readability and low power consumptionMitsubishi’s new 10.4″ TFT display AA104XL02 with XGA resolution (1024×768) is transflective. It is therefore perfect for bright environments or direct sunlight, but due to its 300cd/m² it provides a good picture in poor light conditions, too. The LED converter for the backlight is integrated in the panel. [more]





Your GUI for the Artista-IoT – quick and easy


Create your own individual GUI for Artista-IoT Displays quickly and easilyWith its integrated Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3), the Artista-IoT is the perfect basis for powerful and cost-efficient industry 4.0 and IoT applications. It directly controls nearly all common TFT displays and modern PCAP touch screens. However, an appealing and individual user interface is also important for easy and intuitive usability. Our system, which is based on the open graphics software library Qt, makes it quick and simple: Create a specific GUI unique to your product. [more]




Panasonic 10″ TFT display with full HD resolution


10,4" Panasonic TFT display VVX10F087J00 with full HD resolutionDespite its small diagonal, Panasonic’s new 10″ TFT display VVX10F087J00 provides full HD resolution (1920×1080) for a crisp-sharp display of your content. It is also characterized by a wide temperature range of -20 to + 70°C and by IPS technology with a wide, symmetrical viewing angle of v/h 178°/178°. The LED converter for the backlight is already integrated in the panel; still it is very compact and only 5.7mm deep. [more]




AUO 15″ On-Cell Touch Display With Extra Strong Protective Glass


AUO TFT Display G150XTK01.0 with optically bonded 3mm protective glassIn our last newsletter we introduced the new AUO TFT Display G150XTK01.0 with integrated on-cell PCAP touch. For protecting the display surface AUO has specified that this display can be equipped with a 1.8mm cover glass, without sacrificing touch functionality and without reducing the number of touch points. Our special VacuBond® dry optical bonding process offers the perfect zero-default assembly for it. However sometimes 1.8mm are not enough. [more]




Innolux G150XNE-L01 TFT display with wide viewing angleInnolux has launched the G150XNE-L01, a 15″ TFT display with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Compatible to the popular G150XGE-L04, the G150XGE-L04 features a symmetric wide viewing angle of v/h 176°/176°, which enables perfect readability from the sides. In addition, it is brighter than the G150XGE-L04: 500cd/m². [more]




AUO 15″ TFT display with on-cell PCAP touch screen


AUO TFT Display G150XTK01 with integrated PACP TouchThe new 15″ AUO TFT Display G150XTK01.0 features an integrated PCAP touch screen with 5 touch points for interactive operation with gestures. Since the touch is mounted directly on the TFT cell (on cell), the display is still compact and maximum 10mm deep. The converter for the LED backlight is also integrated in the panel. [more]




PrismaECO-IV TFT Controller for extended temperature range


PrismaECO-IV TFT ControllerOur in-house developed TFT controller PrismaECO-IV is now specified for a further extended temperature range from -30 to + 80°C and is therefore suitable for outdoor applications under harsh environmental conditions. It is an ideal partner for TFT displays with a wide temperature range and LVDS interface, which can be addressed with a resolution from VGA (640×480) to WUXGA (1920X1200) via RGB analog or DVI interface. [more]

Industrial 15” display with only 6.3mm height


NLT TFT Display NL10276AC30-53DThe technical progress of displays is often not in line with the ideas of the designers, as they are usually looking for a display with particularly compact dimensions, small or at best no disturbing bezel at all and convenient mounting.The new NLT display NL10276AC30-53D follows these wishes. Despite a height of only 6.3mm and a narrow bezel, it offers lateral mounting option. [more]



ORTUSTECH TFTs Now New at Data Display Group


Ortustech New-Blanview TechnologyThe Data Display Group signed a distribution agreement with the Japanese display manufacturer Ortus Technology (ORTUSTECH) and they are now available. ORTUSTECH was founded in 2010 by merging the display units of CASIO and TOPPAN and offers a variety of different small and medium sized TFT displays, especially suitable for rough outdoor use. With more than 30 years of experience with industrial displays, ORTUSTECH is one of the pioneers in the LCD sector and has developed the optimum technology [more]



Ultra High Definition for your application: New 4K TFT displays from Apollo


Innolux M280DGJ-30 4K Ultra High Definition TFT DisplayTFT displays with 4K ultra high definition resolution (3840×2160) show a very sharp image of fine structures and a large amount of information due to their high pixel density. Four full-HD images can be displayed unscaled at the same time. The image does not appear pixelated, even with scaled content or from a short distance. We currently offer Innolux 4K displays sized 28” and 40” as stock items. [more]