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Lightweight and Affordable Monitors with Slim Design


The ECO-Line offers pre-configured smart monitor solutions from 43" - 86" in a sleek look that fits a variety of modern business scenarios, whether in an office meeting room, restaurant, store or supermarket.

The stable available monitors have excellent image quality with 4K resolution and also high definition 2K video transmission.


The media player can be remotely set on the monitor with data (.mp4 or .bmp) from USB stick or connected cloud. Through the timed transmission, users can set the optimal time for playing different contents. In addition, there is the time setting mode in which the automatic playback of various contents can be scheduled at a specific time.

In addition, the monitors have two other functions:

  • USB Auto Play: media content is downloaded and played when the USB plug or an external laptop is plugged in; for example, playlists can be stored on the device and playback can be controlled, plus they can be configured afterwards
  • USB clone mode: media content is copied and synchronized to all signage displays

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