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Transflective 10.4″ TFT for bright environments

August 6, 2017

In contrast to transmissive TFT displays, which can only be operated with a backlight, transflective TFT displays feature a partial transmissive reflector in front of the backlight. Therefore, incidental ambient light is reflected and used to illuminate the display. As a result, the readability of the content in very bright surroundings is perfect, even without the backlight and the power consumption drops to the minimum consumption of the TFT cell. Transmissive displays achieve a good readability in sunlight only with a very bright backlight and consequently a higher power consumption.

Do you want to use the display with a touch screen or a protective glass? In order to maintain the good optical properties of the display and to avoid reflections, we recommend Optical Bonding for it.

The AA104XL02 is currently available ex in our stock, so that we can supply samples quickly. As always, we offer this TFT display as a plug and play kit with our HDMI / DP / VGA converter.

Please contact us, we will be glad to advise you.

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