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Distec is already implementing the new safety standard for monitors

August 20, 2020

Distec is already preparing the approval of its monitors according to the new standard. All currently produced monitors are already tested according to the new EN 62368-1. Supplier products will be changed accordingly so that we are perfectly prepared for the transition from the existing standards to the new safety standard and for the compliance with the changed requirements.

While the focus of the two previous standards was on proving that prescribed specifications are met and that the product can be used safely, EN 62368-1 is an HBSE-based standard. HBSE stands for Hazard Based Safety Engineering. The new standard stipulates that hazardous energy sources must be identified and classified and that suitable protective measures must be taken to prevent personal injury and damage to property caused by energy transmission. The hazard risk of injury or fire caused by energy sources is therefore the primary concern. Devices are considered both in normal operation and in the event of a fault, and appropriate safety measures are taken.

If you would you like to know more about the new safety standard, contact us at any time by e-mail.

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