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Easy control of MIPI TFT displays: PrismaMIPI-HDMI / LVDS

June 13, 2018

To integrate MIPI TFT displays quickly and easily into modern applications, we developed the Prisma-MIPI TFT controller. It is available in two versions: PrismaMIPI-HDMI and PrismaMIPI-LVDS. Both consist of a baseboard that is especially adapted to the corresponding TFT display and an HDMI to MIPI-DSI respectively a single/dual LVDS to MIPI-DSI bridge module.
We develop the baseboard of the PrismaMIPI TFT controller for any MIPI TFT display quickly and cost effectively. PrismaMIPI is already available for the following TFT displays:

Ampire AM-7201280HTZQW-00H
AUO G080UAN01.0
Ortustech COM50H5N03ULC
Ortustech COM48H4N22ULC

We are glad to adapt the PrismaMIPI to your display. Please contact us.


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