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Remote Diagnostics with Frozen Screen Sensor IF444

July 29, 2021

The sensor can be integrated into PC or SBC systems or used in conjunction with TFT controllers such as our Prisma cards. The warning in the event of a fault is provided by a digital and visual signal, as well as an acoustic signal if desired.

The IF444 Frozen Screen Sensor can be used under Windows as well as Linux. The sensor is mounted by gluing it in a corner of the active display area. For existing systems you can mount the sensor mechanically yourself or you can order TFT modules already modified by us.

For this purpose, the TFT module is dismantled and a piece is cut out in the frame at the sensor mounting position. The IF444 is then fixed to the TFT surface. Of course, bonding options are also available here.

The cost-efficient addition of our remote diagnostics to existing systems and new designs enables you to react quickly in the event of a failure in locally distributed systems in 24/7 operation.

You can find out exactly how our remote diagnostics work in the accompanying flyer.

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