Touch Displays

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Touch Displays

Interactive and Easy to Operate


TFT displays with an integrated touch screen are becoming more and more popular. Users want the same comfortable ways of operation they know from their tablets or smartphones for other devices, too.

This is no problem with our touch displays: We offer you TFT displays with factory-integrated projected capacitive PCAP multi-touch screens or resistive touch screens in sizes from 4.3 "(10.92cm) to 15" (38.1cm).

However, we can provide nearly every display up to 32" (81.28cm) with a touch screen of our product range or - on a project basis - a customized touchscreen with up to 10 touchpoints allowing for interactive gestures like wipe, zoom or drag&drop.

We use our Vacubond® optical bonding process for bonding a front glass on the touchscreen to protect it against external influences, if needed. Our Infinite Touch design considers your wishes for colored printing or logo prints.

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