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Haptic Feedback as an Option for the PRO Series: POS-IQ-PRO Panel PCs with Haptic Touch

December 6, 2021

Unlike previous haptic feedback technologies, Haptic Touch does not require any moving parts thanks to electroadhesion and can therefore be implemented in large and fixed devices. In this innovative technology, the frictional resistance of the touch surface is influenced by locally defined electric fields, and the change in resistance is perceived as roughness or texture.

Due to the tactile nature of the controls, it is possible to reduce visual attention when operating the touchscreen. This enables the use of touch displays for use cases that were previously only possible with physical buttons or switches. The behavior of the interface can be customized via the included API, allowing the size and position as well as the type of feedback to the virtual controls.

We will offer Haptic Touch on our monitors or panel PCs of the PRO series. The POS-IQ-PRO variant in 10.1″ will be the first to be available from February 2022. The other sizes from 7″ to 15.6″ will follow step by step. Other sizes we can provide on a project basis. For more information, read our press release and contact us.

Click here to go to our Haptic Touch page.

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