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TFT LCD Displays

For industrial, infotainment or multimedia applications – we have the perfect TFT display for you!

Since 1993 we offer LCDs and LCD system solutions. We are always up to date with the latest technology and are looking for the best products for our customers. Our TFT display range includes high-quality displays:

  •      From 1.77 to 85″ (4.496 to 215.9cm) diagonal
  •      For indoor or outdoor use
  •      From stable and robust to light and narrow
  •      For special applications e.g. special formats (bartype, round or portrait) or transparent displays

Apollo Displays offers TFT-LCDs from the following manufacturers:


AMPIRE Co. Ltd.AMPIRE Co. Ltd. Produces high quality TFT displays. We offer three compatible 7″ versions right now

Features of AMPIRE displays are:

  • Industrial TFT displays
  • SFT wide viewing angels
  • Integrated LED driving board
  • Integrated PCAP
  • High resolutions
  • High brightness versions with up to 1500 cd/m²

Apollo Display Technologies.Apollo Display Technologies  Produces especially bright displays that still keep their color and contrast in sunlight or very bright ambient light

Features of Apollo Displays are:

  • HighBright versions up to 2000 cd/m², option: optical bonding
  • Anti-reflective versions
  • Extended temperature range
  • NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) in class A and class B, option: EMI glasses

AU Optronics CorpAU Optronics Corp. produces industrial TFT displays that offer excellent price-performance in sizes ranging from 6.5″  to 75″ / 4K

  • Professional PID screens in full HD and 4K
    • professional bar-type screens
    • industrial types up to 75″ / 4K
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Long-term availability
  • Extended temperature range
  • Integrated projected capacitive touch
  • Outdoor: up to 4,500cd/m² brightness and high clearing temperature of the fluid of 110°C to prevent blackening of the screen under sunlight


BOE Technology Group Co.  Characterized by their wide, symmetrical viewing angles and a high resolution, which ensures a very detailed image reproduction.

Features of BOE displays are:

  • High resolution TFT displays from 15.6 to 27″
  • Wide, symmetrical viewing angle

Disea.Disea offers cost-effective transflective technology. Producing various TFT display variants with an attractive price / performance ratio in sizes ranging from 1″ to 12.3″

Features of Disea Electronics displays are:

  • Compact TFT displays from 1.77 to 8″
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Transflective versions with perfect sunlight readability
  • Housing made of anti-magnetic alloy (e.g. for MRI application)
  • Versions with integrated touchscreen
  • Guaranteed long-term availability of min. 5 years

Data Display GroupData Display Group offers display upgrades, compact panels and industrial TFT panels with LED back light or transflective mode in sizes ranging from 6.5″ to 21.5″

Features of Data Display Group TFT-LCD displays are:

  • HighBright versions up to 1500 cd/m², option: optical bonding
  • Anti-reflective versions
  • Extended temperature range
  • NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) in class A and class B, option: EMI glasses

InnoluxInnolux (formerly Chimei Innolux CMI) is a worldwide leading TFT-LCD manufacturer providing display sizes from 7″  to 18.5″

Features of Innolux displays are:

  • Long term availability
  • Industrial TFT displays
  • Outstanding viewing angle due to SMVA technology
  • Extended temperature range
  • Up to 4K resolution
  • Transparent displays
  • Cost efficient

Kyocera DisplayKyocera Display (formerly Optrex)  produces industrial TFT displays and industrial LCD modules that provide outstanding product stability and long-term availability. They are available in sizes that range from 5.7″  to 12.1”

Features of Kyocera display TFT are:

  • High clearing temperature of 197.6 °F (92 °C) makes it suitable for high heat/direct sunlight applications
  • HighBright versions up to 1500 cd/m² for use in sunlight or bright light
  • Improved electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Extended temperature range
  • Reverse scan
  • High brightness up to 1300cd/m² for outdoor applications

LG DisplayLG Display is a leading manufacturer of TFT displays for TV and monitors. We stock monitor sizes from 7.0″ to 47″

Features of LG TFT displays are:

  • Industrial TFT displays
  • Professional TFT’s for public applications up to 75″ / 4K
  • Long-term availability
  • Outdoor TFT’s up to 3000 cd/m² and high clearing temperature of the fluid of 110°C to prevent blackening of the screen under sunlight
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Outstanding IPS wide angle technology
  • HDR400 (High Dynamic Range)

Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi Electric  produces industrial TFT-LCD flat screens that offer outstanding product stability, as well as long-term availability in sizes that range from 4.3″ to 19.2″

Shut Down of TFT production with June 2021!

  • Industrial premium TFT displays
  • High reliability and long lifetime of up to 100,000 hours
  • Extended temperature range up to Top = -40 … + 85°C
  • Particularly suitable for outdoor applications due to brightness up to 1500 cd/m²
  • AT-series: vibration resistant up to 6.8G for rugged applications
  • We offer successors for the discontinued Mitsubishi TFT displays

New TFT Display Manufacturers  produces 5.5″ (Full HD) to 24″, but will gradually expand our offering with select displays.”

Features of New TFT manufacturers are:

  • Industrial TFT Displays
  • IPS wide viewing angle
  • High brightness
  • Very high resolution
  • Ready-to-connect plug-and-play HDMI modules

ORTUSTECH produces small to medium sized industrial TFT Displays especially for mobile or battery driven devices – also for outdoor use. Right now we offer these TFTs in sizes from 2.2″ to 5″.

features of ORTUSTECH TFT displays:

  • Unique, innovative Blanview technology for sunlight readability
  • Very low power consumption
  • Operation without backlight possible
  • Perfect for mobile applications and battery driven devices
  • LED lifetime up to 100,000 hours
  • Housing made of anti-magnetic alloy (e.g. for MRI application)
  • Extended operating temperature range from up to -30 ~ 85°C
  • Extended storage temperature range from up to -40 ~ 95°C
  • Long term availability

PanasonicPanasonic produces high-quality TFT displays with IPS technology. We currently offer the sizes 10″ and 11.6″

Features of our Panasonic displays are:

  • Wide viewing angle due to IPS technology
  • eDP interface
  • Integrated LED converter

Samsung TFT

Samsung TFT displays are perfectly suited for industrial and multimedia applications with display sizes from 40.0″ to 82″

Features of Samsung displays are:

  • Long-term availability
  • Exclusive PID-Series (high resolution, low power consumption, wide viewing angles)
  • HighBright versions up to 5000 cd/m² and high clearing temperature of the fluid of 110°C to prevent blackening of the screen under sunlight

Sharp To complete our product range we offer you selected Sharp TFT displays.


Features of Sharp TFT displays are:

  • High resolution
  • Integrated LED converter

Solomon Goldentek Display Corp. (SGD)Solomon Goldentek Display Corp. (SGD) is a manufacturer of industrial TFT displays in sizes 3.5″ to 12.1″

Features of SGD Displays are:

  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Industrial TFT displays
  • Long-term availability

Tianma (former Tianma NLT) produces a wide range of industrial  TFT displays. her. We supply sizes from 5.7 to 19″

Features of Tianma displays are:

  • Excellent quality
  • Long term availability
  • Optimized for various filed of application
  • Customized adaptations of standard TFTs
  • Long product discontinuation periods
  • High bright versions with up to 1500cd/m²
  • Cost attractive versions with integrated projected capacitive touchscreen

For further information please contact Apollo Display Technologies today.