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Touch Screens

Our touch integration competence center supports your design, evaluates the final functionality and (if necessary) corrects your design. We support resistive analogue, capacitive, infrared, projected capacitive and SAW technologies.

Touch Mounting Service

For all touch technologies we offer the complete mounting in our clean rooms (up to class 1000).

Optical Bonding Service for Touch Screens

Since summer 2013 we offer you the latest and most modern optical bonding technology: vacuum bonding.

Touch controller programming

We cooperate closely with our controller suppliers EETI, Goodix and Ilitek and have installed the necessary programming tools (in hardware and software). So we can do any customization of the Contoller firmware to your integration and grounding structure.

Driver Integration

As an engineering service we offer the software integration of I²C and Linux drivers into your system.

Data Display

With Data Display Group’s projected capacitive multi-touch screens, even small TFT display sized 5″ to 32″ can now be equipped with this high quality touch technology. In addition we offer selected resistive analog touch screens, currently sized 10.1″(25.65cm ).

Abon Touch

The analog resistive 5-wire touch screensby Abon Touch are very robust and available in sizes from 10.4 “to 19” (26.42 cm to 48.26 cm). They can be operated by finger, with gloves or by stylus.


DMC’s analogue resistive 4-wire touch screens (also glass-glass) and the more robust 5-wire touch screens are the perfect choice for budget-priced, compact applications. The new two to five finger projected capacitive touch screens are outstandingly clear. They enable professional optical designs as known from modern smartphones, iPhone and iPad for indoor or outdoor applications and can also be equipped with a protection glass against vandalism.


Zytronic dual finger multitouch projected capacitive touch screens feature the sensor embedded in the touch glass, ensuring long product life and stability. In addition to the standard versions, a wide range of custom touchscreens from 5.7″ (14.48 cm) up to 82″ (280.28 cm) are available.


Fujitsu produces industrial, standard and custom analog resistive touch panels in 4- and 7-wire design from 9.8 cm (3.8”) to 56.0 cm (22”). Light input, flush surface 4-wire resistive touch panels are also available. In addition, Fujitsu’s line also includes 10-point multi-input projected capacitive touch panels up to 80.01cm (31.5”).


eTurboTouch’s analog matrix touch screens are real 10 finger multi Touch Screens offering a high resolution and performance, despite a low power consumption.

For further information please contact Apollo Display Technologies today.