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Remote Diagnostic through ARCB

(Artista Remote Control Board II)

Your system is up and running. But what about your screen?

Without personal checks, it is impossible to answer this important question in distributed systems. Via the VGA/DVI cable, a PC is not able to know whether the screen is really active. Our Remote Control System is the solution to this problem:

  • Remote monitoring of systems
  • Adjustment to ambient brightness
  • Thermal protective function
  • Collection and analysis of operating data
  • Automatic error reporting system
  • Constant monitoring of relevant operating parameters such as power, temperature, operating hours, fan and brightness control, etc.
  • Hardware deactivation when limiting values are reached

We optionally also integrate brightness control via digital light sensor and intelligent control algorithm as well as motion counter, humidity sensor, shock sensor and fan.

Functionality Multidisplay / DaisyChain:

  • Up to 256 ARCBs can be connected to one RS-485 bus. (Bus length max. 1000m)
  • Integration and operation either via command protocol or free-of-charge user software ARCS (open source SW)
  • Access to Daisy Chain via USB, RS-232 or RS-485
  • NEW: videowall support integrated in open source software ARCS
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