Our Prisma-IIIA provides top performance for all applications, still meets our green IT requirements and is 100% mechanically compatible to our popular Prisma-II and Prisma-III. For a wide temperature range we offer the Prisma-IIIE. They provide the following interface inputs:

  • RGB analog (VGA); optional Sync on Green (SOG)
  • DVI (HDMI 1.4/HDCP)
  • additional DVI input at internal AUX
  • Up to 8 Composite Video inputs
  • Up to 8 S-Video inputs
  • Up to 4 CVBS inputs
  • Component Video/YPbPr
  • RGB-CS (internal connector); optional Sync on Green (SOG)

Please click here for a Prisma-IIIA Video Tutorial of our US branch Apollo Displays Technology.

Special features:

  • Integrated operating hours counter for power-on and display-on
  • User defined configuration of each input interface, unused inputs can be disabled for a more clear-cut menu
  • Powerful Picture-in-picture (PIP) and Picture-and-Picture (PAP) functionalities
  • Serial interface (RS-232) for remote OSD functionality (full command set indentical to integrated OSD menu)
  • Remote – control via DDC (VESA, DVI)
  • Integrated DICOM Preset – functionality    
  • Analog RGB Sync On Green Capable (15.75 to 68KHz Legacy Timings) for CRT replacement
  • RS170 and RS343 Video Input Option (15.75 to 68KHz Legacy Timings) for CRT replacement
  • Tiling for video /split walls (16x16)
  • Via board configuration, a 4 or 6 button keypad use can be selected. Thus the customer can preset the keypad he wants to use or change the keypad without needing a custom firmware.
  • For VGA input, Sync-On-Green can be activated for more flexibility in dealing with a wide variety of video signals
    • Implementation of NTSC as a digital DVI signal with scaling up to WUXGA (1920x1200)
  • 2 individual video modes can be defined so that no custom firmware is needed for the customer’s special video modes.
  • The output TFT frame rate can be adjusted with MarsRover. The customer can set a fixed output frame rate or range, thus optimizing the conversion of input and output frame rate. This avoids artifacts and jerking of the content.
  • Power supply: Vcc + 12V, optional version with Vcc= + 24V
  • DDC/CI functions
  • Modern EMI design: EN55022 class A without housing
  • VGA/DVI/HDMI/CVBS/SVideo  bridge


  • Ambient Light Sensor for automatic brightness control (I²C)
  • Stepwise definition of backlight brightness in relation to ambient brightness via the OSD menu
  • Temperature sensor for monitoring the internal temperature (I²C)
  • Infrared remote control
  • Access code to OSD menu: 4-digit password freely definable
  • OSD menu in all languages / characters e.g. Arabic, Chinese, French, Greek, Japanese, Cyrillic, Turkish
  • Elektronic lense (selected window zoomed on output resolution)
  • OSD menu slider in any custom design
  • PrismaRemoteControl software for serial control of basic functions, please contact us if interested
    • compatible for Windows7 64bit O/S, WIN8 and WIN10
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Signal source
    • Display mode 16:9 or 4:3 or fill
  • white balance and alignment for video- / splitwalls
  • adjustment of color and gamma values according to your requirements
    • Color Calibration: sRGB tone mappings for white points D65 and D50

Prisma-IIIA enables the end user to set the several parameters using the new MarsRover software.


Key Features

MarsRover Configuration Software

Light Sensor IF412


Technical Data

Product Series
Product Category
Size Diagonal
CPU Type
Resolution (max)
Brightness [cd/m2]
Viewing angle U/D/L/R
Temperature Range Top
Temperature Range Tst
Power Supply
Composite Video
Component Video (YPbPr)
RS170 and RS343 Video Input Option
LVDS 18/24/30-bit single/dual
Touch Points
Glass Strength


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