Plant automation is a central point in industrial companies in order to accelerate and optimize manufacturing processes. The focus is on data acquisition, analysis and monitoring, because this is the only way to evaluate efficiency, quality and safety.

High-performance industrial monitors with integrated touchscreens, in combination with the right embedded PC and software support, form an intelligent system that meets all the requirements of IoT and AI for Industry 4.0.


With such fully integrated monitor solutions, the user can not only control machines via the touchscreen or integrated buttons, but also receives detailed information about the production line in real time. Automated processes up to neural networks for pattern recognition reduce operating errors and create the basis for an intelligent plant environment that facilitates the collection and analysis of machine data. More efficient processes increase quality, speed up operations and reduce costs.
In hazardous situations, the automated, fast reaction of these systems offers more safety for employees and helps to prevent equipment damage. In addition, the time saved in analyzing and eliminating machine problems ensures significantly shorter downtimes in production.
What can our industrial monitors do?

Due to significant fluctuations in temperature and humidity as well as dust, oils and other air pollutants, the conditions in production halls are often harsh. The monitors may be exposed to strong shocks or permanent vibrations during daily operation. In such areas of application, robust and durable industrial monitors are a prerequisite for trouble-free and continuous work. The careful selection of particularly rugged components from the TFT panel to the embedded system ensures that the finished monitor meets the high demands of industrial use.
Monitors in production lines are often in use for many years. We not only guarantee long-term availability of at least 5 years, but also attach great importance to the compatibility of the monitors with each other. In this way, we guarantee long-term delivery and problem-free expansion options for customer applications.
Your customized monitor solution

Since every project is unique, we create specific concepts for our customers that are precisely tailored to the respective application. Technical adjustments to the display, glass, touch, embedded system, control or housing can be implemented individually and tested according to defined standards in order to be seamlessly integrated into the application.
On a project basis, we can evaluate the necessary hardware, software and support requirements for IoT and AI integration and create an intelligent system.

Case study of our customer-specific solutions:
For a customer we equipped our standard POS-Line 21.5“ monitor with a multi-touch screen for easy interaction and a TrueFlat safety glass to protect against scratches and dirt. Together with an integrated, intelligent embedded system and a suitable mounting solution, we created a semi-autonomous production control unit.

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