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TFT Displays: Sharp

Sharp is a major manufacturer of TFT displays. To complete our product portfolio, we offer a selection of Sharp displays with special features.

For all listed variants we offer industrial VGA/DVI/Video kits or digital signage HDMI(HDCP)/DisplayPort kits (depending on the version).

Size Type Resolution Brightness Viewing angle
Interface Remarks Web Store Availability
39.624 cm
LQ156M1LG21 1920×1080 600 cd/m²
145°/160° 0…+70°C
LVDS including LED driving board
6 o’clock viewing angle
LQ156M3LW01 1920×1080 400 cd/m²
170°/170° -20…+75°C
LVDS including LED driving board
48.26 cm
LQ190E1LX75T 1280×1024 350 cd/m²
170°/170° -20…+70°C
LVDS including LED driving board