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Professional read – out systems for Industry and Digital Signage

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Digital Signage

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Professional display systems for Industry and Digital Signage

Apollo Display Technologies durable industrial monitors that distinguish themselves through a robust TFT-display screen. Difficult environmental conditions and tough application areas pose no problems for our monitors. Reliability, flexibility and failure-free operation – that is what an industrial monitor from Apollo Displays stands for.

Our standard products are the basis for the development of customized monitor solutions.

Our range of Industrial Monitors

Our product portfolio is comprised of built-in monitors, desktop monitors, public display systems, smoke, gas, and fire load optimized monitors, light monitors for shop window displays and outdoor applications, digital door signs, video walls and monitors for building into rack systems. We always keep our professional mission in view during development and manufacture: that means you will receive a display that is based on industrial standard components, available long-term and meeting exacting quality standards.

Customized monitor solutions

Apollo Displays is one of the first developers of TFT Displays for industrial use worldwide. We have more than 20 years’ experience in building high quality LCD products. Whether you need TFT-LCD controller assemblies, firmware, FPGA programming or CAD design – with Data Display Group you will always find the right monitor solution. In addition, we are able to develop customer-specific hardware and software, that you can integrate into existing systems.

In choosing our products, you are choosing high performance industrial monitors and individual project solutions. As a display manufacturer we offer you the complete bandwidth of modern TFT-displays, with or without Touch functionality. Immerse yourself in the wide variety of products available from Data Display Group and simply click on one of the product groups to learn more. There is a lot to discover, and a display solution for just about any requirement.

Download our current Product Catalog for 2020