FALD: Full Array Local Dimming Displays New at Apollo

FALD: Full Array Local Dimming Displays New at Apollo

Apollo now offers FALD displays from Lincoln Technology Solutions (LTS). FALD is an innovative backlighting system in which the active display surface is equipped with a large number of LEDs. The LEDs are divided into areas that are individually controlled and light up exactly according to the content shown on the display.

Individual areas can also be dimmed completely to create a true black – similar to OLED technology. This creates a very high-contrast image with a contrast ratio of up to 10,000,000:1 and a wide colour gamut. There is neither grey haze in dark areas of the picture nor light rings around very bright areas of the picture.

The picture quality is excellent and clear and brilliant even in sunshine.

Compared to bright standard TFT displays, FALD displays have low power consumption and low heat generation, perfect for mobile or outdoor applications.

Currently we offer this technology with the 7″ display LCD121-070CTL1ARNTTR0.2. Other sizes are available on request.

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