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Software and Firmware for Our Content Management Solution

Manual WebPoster M3

Platform Name Date Version Size Remark
M3-Monitors WebPoster M3 Manual 02.02.2022 1.0 Filesize: 873kB

Firmware WebPoster M3 with

Platform Name Date Version Size Remark
M3-Monitore WebPoster M3 Firmware Update 07.03.2022 1.3.2 Filesize: 480MB
M3-Monitore WebPoster M3 Release Notes 07.03.2022 1.3.2 Filesize: 246kB
M3-Monitore Open Source Compliance 26.10.2017 1.3 Filesize: 191kB

Software Artista Device Finder (ADF)

For WebPoster IQ and M3

  • Software for setting the network interface of WebPosters
  • ADF scans the network for connected WebPosters and lists them
  • Network parameters of found devices can be easily edited
Platform Name Date Version Size Remark
IQ & M3 ArtistaDeviceFinder 06.05.2015 1.2.0 Filesize: 5MB
IQ & M3 ADF Release Notes 06.05.2015 1.2.0 Filesize: 111kB
IQ & M3 ADF User Manual 06.05.2015 1.2.0 Filesize: 250kB

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