Protect your application from external influences and damage

Some applications place special demands on TFT displays and touch screens: In industrial environments devices are often exposed to dust and dirt, in medical applications it is important that the devices can be cleaned and disinfected easily and thoroughly, and in public areas a robust and resistant surface is advantageous. To ensure that our display solutions meet all these requirements, we offer protective glasses in many designs and variants and also supply customized glasses. Our goal is to provide the perfect solution for your application.

The following options are available:

Shatterproof glasses in various thicknesses

We offer you a wide range of glass types in different thicknesses. These shatterproof glasses are particularly robust and shock, impact and scratch resistant. Toughened or laminated safety glass minimizes the risk of injury in public areas.

  • chemically hardened
  • Alumosilicate glass (Dragon, Gorilla, Panda, Xensation)

Special glass shapes


Would you like to use a round display and need a suitable protective glass? The special design of your device is not rectangular?

This is not a problem, we deliver glasses in your individual shape.

Printed glasses

For an individual and distinctive design, we can supply glasses with colored back printing according to your requirements. Your logo, pattern prints e.g. for a modern carbon look or prints for buttons: we implement your wishes 1:1.

Glass processing

Your device should be operated via a touchscreen, but you still want to give the user the feeling of buttons or sliders? Many special solutions are possible through glass processing and finishing:

  • Cutouts, holes
  • Fingertip or slider (circular / elongated), polished or ground)
  • Edges, steps or grooves

Antibacterial glass


Antibacterial glass contains silver ions that reliably kill bacteria such as Escherichia coli or Staphylococcus aureus. They are also optionally available with AR or Easy-to-Clean coating and are particularly suitable for areas with high hygienic requirements, for example in the medical field.

Special coatings and filters

Different coatings and filters on the glasses bring advantages for special of application:

  • Anti-glare and anti-reflection filters improve the readability of the display in sunlight and reduce reflections
  • Privacy filters prevent viewing of screen contents when viewed from the side and protect the privacy of the user
  • Easy-to-clean coatings offer a lotus effect and make cleaning the glass surfaces easier

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