Due to its good sunlight readability and a wide temperature range ORTUSTECH’s 4.3″ TFT display COM43H4N58ULC with New Blanview technology

is the perfect choice for outdoor applications. Is is used in portrait mode.

For easy control, we developed the Adapter Board IF422-00 with integrated LED converter. A kit solution of display and IF422-00 is available.




Manufacturer ORTUSTECH
Technology TFT
Size Diagonal 4.3″ (10.922 cm)
Resolution (max) 480×800
Brightness [cd/m2]400 400
Backlight LED
Converter Integrated
Viewing angle v/h 160°/160°
Temperature Range Top -20…+70°C
Temperature Range Tst -30…+80°C
Interfaces TTL
Dimensions (LxWxD)
63.0 × 105.3 × 2.9