For use in bright environments or direct sunlight, special TFT displays are required to display a clear picture even in these difficult conditions. The P550HVN06.4 from AUO optimally meets these requirements. It is a Full HD TFT display with high color saturation and a brightness of 2500cd / m² . Even in strong sunlight, under which conventional displays are blurred and black, it delivers a brilliant image through the High Tni (110 ° C) liquid crystal. A QWP polarizer improves sunlight readability and allows even wearers of polarized sunglasses a perfect view of your content.

The P550HVN06.4 is well visible for passers-by as it passes by, with its wide viewing angle of 89 ° from all directions, allowing it to convey advertising messages or information in an excellent way .

Simply control the display with our proprietary Prisma IIIA VGA / HDMI / DVI TFT controller. We offer a fully tested, ready to connect kit solution with all the necessary accessories to make commissioning easy. Samples of the P550HVN06.4 are currently available from stock.

Do you prefer a fully integrated CE certified solution – made in Germany? Then we are pleased to offer you our POS-Line 55 “High Brightness Video PIIIA Monitor.

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