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What Are Single Board Computers (SBCs)?

June 14, 2022

Simply put, computers are complicated, but they are also essential in modern society, as they help us stay connected to the digital world. Computers, in fact, come in many varieties with different uses. One of the most commonly used when you need a less complicated computer is single board computers (SBCs). 

What is a Single Board Computer (SBC)?

Single board computers are designed differently from your typical desktop computer. SBCs contain a single circuit board that handles memory storage, input/output, contains a microprocessor, and all the other necessary features. They are self-contained and do not rely on expansions to do different functions, meaning that the cost and need for additional circuit boards, connectors, and more are reduced. 

What Are Single Board Computers (SBCs) Used For?

Single board computers are compact, light-weight, power-efficient, and reliable, making them great for many uses. Such as an Arm Raspberry Pi, SBCs can be used for various purposes, most commonly embedded applications. This includes learning how to program media players, robotics, home automation, and basic computing tasks like web browsing. 

Single Board Computer at Fortec US

Here at Fortec US, we mainly process SBCs in 8.89 cm (3,5″) and MiniITX in the industrial sector and performance class mainboards AMD, i3, i5, and i7 in the digital signage sector. Our close cooperation with several IPC manufacturers such as Aaeon, Advantech, iBase, GigaPIC, Congatec, DFI, and Unicorn enables us to find the perfect product for your application. We offer a wide range of products for single board computers to get you exactly what you need, including: 

  • Boards with defined main memory
  • Perfect video firmware
  • Complete cable sets incl. TFT cables
  • Touch integration
  • Hard Disk Drive or CompactFlash with completely pre-installed images incl. your application
Single Board Computers from Fortec US

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