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Tips to Protect Your Virtual Investment

July 3, 2020

No matter the number of digital supplies and signage you add to your company, it’s still an investment, and just like any other major purchase, you want to ensure you get your money’s worth. The best way to ensure you do just that is through proper care, especially when it comes to virtual technology. To avoid spending money on costly repairs, here’s what you should consider when it comes to your virtual purchases: 

Invest in Extra Protection

From personal contact to daily wear and tear, your virtual signage can deal with many stressors, making it vital to provide the proper protection it needs to handle the impact. From vacuum bonding to prevent yellowing, to optical bonding to provide extra shock resistance, investing in these protective measures now can keep your investments working as they should for a very long time.

Consider Regular Cleaning

Routine cleanings can remove dirt and debris. Not only is a clean screen more appealing, but it can also prevent scratches and abrasions, that could occur with a dirty screen. Be sure that you are only cleaning with mild soap and drying with a nonabrasive cloth. 

Inspect Them Regularly 

Any nicks, scratches, or issues should be fixed before they lead to further damage. Be sure to look at your screens regularly to identify any problems that need repair. The smallest nick at the top of the screen can lead to a more significant break or even create an opportunity for air or moisture to get under the screen.

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