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The Risks of Long-Term Blue Light Exposure

September 1, 2022

What is Blue Light?

Blue is one of the colors emitted from the light spectrum. More so than the other colors, blue light, in particular, has a short wavelength and is higher in energy. Blue light is emitted from fluorescent and LEDs which could be in the form of light bulbs or your technological devices’ screens such as flat-screen TVs, smartphones, computer monitors, etc. 

The blue light exposure from screens is small compared to the exposure from the sun, but there is concern over the physical effects it can have on the eyes, both short-term and long-term since screens are much closer to us.

How Blue Light Can Harm Your Health

Just about all blue light passes through the cornea and lens in our eyes to reach the retina. Repeated and long-term exposure to blue light emitted from digital screens can lead to several health issues, including: 

  • Digital eye strain – Blue light exposure from looking at screens can lead to a condition called digital eye strain, in which you may experience fatigue, headache, difficulty concentrating, and eye pain or soreness. 
  • Retina damage – Studies suggest that over time, exposure to blue light can lead to damaged retinal cells that may cause vision problems.  

Protecting Your Eyes From Blue Light Damage

To reduce your risk of developing digital eye strain or retinal damage, try some of these methods to protect your eyes: 

  • Decrease your time spent in front of screens and take frequent breaks to let your eyes rest.
  • Wear blue-light glasses with yellow-tinted lenses that block blue while using screens.
  • Use settings on your digital devices to reduce blue light levels.
  • Speak with a doctor about your concerns with blue light exposure. 

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