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The Difference Between Panel PC and Touch Display

November 30, 2017

When it comes to custom touch screen displays, there is a multitude of customization options — especially here at Apollo! Before our team designs and creates the display of your dreams, it’s important that you pick every piece of the project — which includes the touch screen! Whether you choose a PC Panel or Touch Display screen, the options are truly endless. If you’re not sure which screen will be the right choice for you, we’re here to break it down for you:

PC Panel Touch Screen

One of the most important touch screens in the industry is a PC Panel Touch Screen. This device, integrated with a PC (you guessed it), is truly the perfect fit for any business. In addition to being equipped with an integral piece of technology, the PC Panel Touch Screen from Apollo also can be used as a panel PC, too — and you even have the option to choose from PCAP Touch, DST Touch, and more! The PC Panel Touch Screen is truly a force to be reckoned with and will make the best touch screen display for your business!

Touch Display Screen

In addition to our PC Panel Touch Screen, it’s important to also know the beauty and grace of our Touch Screen Display Screen! This touch screen is equipped with an RGB controller and can be used as either a touch panel or a touch screen-based display. Just like the PC Panel Touch Screen from Apollo, our Touch Display Screen can also be integrated with a PCAP Touch, DST Touch and so much more — all depending on the initial screen size, of course. The Touch Display Screen will be the perfect choice for those who want an incredible touch screen display that packs a technological punch with its presentation quality!

As the global leader in optical bonding, Apollo Display Technologies supports you in all project phases – from the construction of the metal housing and procurement of specific parts to in-house development of controller boards and touchscreen integration. In need of a product, part, or have a project in mind? Contact us today at (631) 580-4360 or click here for more information.

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