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The Benefits of a Custom Solutions

May 9, 2018

When you’re taking a stroll down 5th Avenue in New York City, what’s the first thing that catches your eye? For most, it could be the incredible array of designer shops — but what about the digital displays that inhabit their windows? If you’re a business owner and you’re looking for the best way to attract your audience, then there is a simple solution: a custom digital display — but what are the benefits?


One of the most significant benefits of having a custom solution is that it will be unique to your business. Whether your store sells shoes or pets, there is a custom display that will meet your needs! If you’re under the impression that it will be a standard monitor — then that’s wrong, because Apollo can make a unique display to cater to your brand!


As mentioned before, Apollo can take your idea of a digital display and make it completely custom. From the metal framework to the screen itself, the possibilities are endless. One of the best features of a custom Apollo display is that we can craft it to match any idea, shape, and style you have in mind. Forget about standard displays — because Apollo is completely changing the technological game!


When you have a custom solution from Apollo, not only will it be what you envision, but it will also be energy efficient. Unlike traditional digital displays, a custom solution from Apollo will use the latest and greenest technology to function correctly — while saving money on your energy bills each month!


Tired of spending hundreds of dollars each month on print advertisements? When you opt for a custom solution from Apollo, you’ll be making a wise investment. Not only will your digital display use energy efficient materials, but it will also be interchangeable — since you can change your digital design (on the screen) at any time!

As the global leader in optical bonding, Apollo Display Technologies supports you in all project phases – from the construction of the metal housing and procurement of specific parts to in-house development of controller boards and touchscreen integration. In need of a product, part, or have a project in mind? Contact us today at (631) 580-4360 or click here for more information.

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Digital Display - Apollo - May 9, 2018

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