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How To Protect Yourself From Online Shopping Scams

December 7, 2021

Each year, more and more people choose to do the lump sum of their shopping online for ease and convenience. Unfortunately, that also makes these people more vulnerable to scams and hackers trying to steal private information if they aren’t careful.

From the team at Apollo Display Technologies, here are five tips to protect yourself from online shopping scams:

  1. Shop online on secure websites. 

Only using and shopping on secure websites is the first key step in safe online shopping. Whenever you visit a website, make sure the URL begins with “https” to ensure it is secure and authentic. 

  1. Use secure passwords for your accounts. 

Most websites will ask you to create an account with them to hold onto and store your information and make for an easier shopping experience for you. When creating these accounts, make sure to use unique and complex passwords with eight or more characters and a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. 

  1. Watch out for suspicious links and phishing scams. 

Be conscious about everything you click on while using your computer. Receiving fake promotional emails or scam websites can leave you vulnerable to hacks and malware. Always check before clicking on any links as they can be dangerous for your computer security. As well, avoid phishing scams by only providing your personal data on credible, secure websites.

  1. Monitor your credit card activity. 

It’s always best to be proactive. Regularly, especially after an online purchase, check your credit card activity and review your statements. If someone got a hold of your card number and is using it, you’ll know right away and can quickly resolve the issue before there’s too much damage.  

  1. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

You’ve probably heard this saying before, and it’s an important one. If you see an offer for a large drop in price or items that are free, it is likely to be a con. 

The concept of credit card theft. Hackers with credit cards on laptops use these data for unauthorized shopping. Unauthorized payments from credit card owners. In the hacker's secret office

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