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How To Protect Your Electronics This Summer

June 29, 2021

Summer has officially arrived, and though you might be ready to embrace the heat and all that the season has to offer, your electronics aren’t thinking the same.

Just like how the heat may get to you after a while, your electronics will suffer too if you aren’t careful. And let’s face it, we all need our electronics to be there and working when we need them. 

Here are some tips to ensure your electronics are safe and working correctly all summer long:

Allow For Airflow

Your electronics need some breathing room, especially during the summer, to keep cool. About 2-3 inches of ample space around your electronic devices to ensure that the vents are clear and unobstructed. The average electronics place their vents on the back, so be sure to take a look.  

Avoid The Sun

There’s no doubt that during the summer months the temperatures are hot and the sun makes you feel it even more. Be conscious to avoid leaving electronics directly in the sunlight, or they will overheat quickly. Cooler areas are always ideal since electronics produce their own heat when they are on. Position your computers and other devices along the airflow path of a fan or air conditioner, and remember hot air rises, so the lower levels of your home are also ideal.

Don’t Stack Them

Since electronics produce their own heat as they function, stacking them on top of one another will only increase that heat. While your electronics are on shelves or tabletops, keep them distanced and don’t carry too many devices in a bag, and avoid enclosed spaces together.

Keep Them Clean

Taking the time to ensure your devices are clean can also help them keep cool in the heat. Dirt, dust, dander, and more can build up around your device’s vents and fans, which can lead them to break or not work correctly, leading to overheating. Try using a can of compressed air to help!

Protect Them From Summer Storms

Heat isn’t the only thing dangerous for your electronics; summer storms can also cause issues for your devices. You never know when a storm will roll in and cause surges to your electrical system, so it’s best to take necessary precautions. Be sure to save all your important files and data to a backup, shut down your devices at the end of the day or after use, and utilize surge protectors.

Man using his Mobile Phone outdoor, close upMan using his Mobile Phone outdoor, close up

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