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How to Craft Ideal Passwords

October 28, 2020

Let’s face it; we’ve all forgotten our passwords a time or two; however, coming up with a new one might be as frustrating as forgetting it in the first place. Whether you are trying to login to a business system or your personal email, having a secure password is a must. By taking the time to craft a long and hard to guess login, you are doing your part in protecting your identity. So how does one exactly plan to prepare the perfect password? We have a few tips below:

Avoid Commonly Known Things

Though you want to choose a password that will be at the forefront of your mind, chances are the things you’d use to keep it in your memory bank are also things those looking to break in can discover. Anyone looking to steal your identity will first try any combination of your name, birthday, pets, street, etc. Anything that could be easily found about you could be quickly combined to discover your magic combination. You’re better off with a series of numbers, characters, and letters to make it more difficult for those to find.

Longer Passwords Are Safer

A short and precise password will leave less chance for error when someones are trying to break in. However, a longer password, though harder to remember by memory, is the safest option. You may even notice that many sites will require more extended character limits than they did in the past; this is so they can help protect your information as best they can.

Consider Letting Them Pick

Many cell phones and devices will automatically create a random password for you. This is often a long mixture of letters, numbers, and characters, nothing tying back to your actual interests or demographic. You can then save the password for easier logins. You can always invest in a password book to write down any important passwords too.

Use Two Factor When You Can

Ever try to login to social media or your email and need to verify that it’s you? This two-step process adds an extra bit of security if someone does get ahold of your password and signs in from another location. By enabling two-factor authentication, you can be sure that when a site or device that you don’t often use is signed into, you’ll be automatically asked to confirm it was you.

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