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How Apollo Displays Technologies Works to be an Environmentally-Aware Company

September 8, 2021

Now more than ever, it’s essential for companies to do their part in preserving and protecting the environment that supplies us with everything we need. 

As a globally active company, we are aware that we have to take responsibility for our planet. Apollo’s slogan, “The Fortec Group – A Green Company,” is something we take very seriously and act accordingly whenever possible.

Apollo’s Commitment

Here at Apollo Display Technologies, we strive to operate in harmony with the environment instead of against it. We recognize that for us to be successful, we need to be innovative and operate in ways that work with the environment that supplies us and is our home. Utilizing less power, creating less noise, and polluting less are all ways that we work toward better, environmentally-friendly practices.  

How We Work To Minimize Our Environment Impact

When it comes to Apollo’s day-to-day and continuing operations, here are a few ways we work to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Our company buildings have been built according to high environmental aspects, and natural resources were used wherever possible. 
  • Our offices continue to operate with the environment in mind by using geothermal heat pumps, sophisticated energy management, and other methods to reduce power consumption in gas and electricity. 
  • As we design TFT controllers ourselves, we are able to develop them highly energy-efficient and thus reach a higher savings potential than other companies.
  • Our specifically adapted products allow for fanless designs which reduce noise.
  • We manufacture components according to the highest environmental requirements.

To learn more about how Apollo Display Technologies operates with the environment in mind and our energy-efficient products, visit our website.  

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