ArtistaGUI-II – Multifunction control unit with object-based display and serial communication via RS-232

In medical and industrial applications, TFT displays have become indispensable. They simplify operation and visually enhance each device. However, a clear and modern user interface is very important. With the ArtistaGUI-II you can achieve this goal easily and quickly:

    • Move objects directly
    • Edit measured values in online mode
    • Automatically change important parameters
    • Show and hide controls
    • Combine, rotate or zoom objects
    • Generate appealing and smoothly running animations

    Create applications, user interfaces or screen layouts with TARA Embedded Wizard or Qt 5.x either yourself or book as a service through us.

The hardware concept of the ArtistaGUI-II

  • Based on Raspberry Pi (4 Core, 1.2GHz, 4GB eMMC)
  • wide operating temperture range of -20 to +70°C for outdoor applications
  • Communication via RS-232 interface (RS-485 on a project basis)
  • With 4GB eMMC for local storage of images, text strings, fonts, macros and videos you are equipped for any demands.
  • Expandable by SD card
  • Battery-backed
  • Upload of new content via Ethernet (WiFi) or RJ45 cabling
  • Full graphics and video capability up to 1920×1200 (5″ to 65″); therefore also Chinese and Japanese characters can be displayed
  • PCAP touch connected directly via I²C or USB
  • Connection of digital inputs and outputs, analog / digital sensors, encoders, audio, relays via GPIO, I²C or USB
  • Sound: analog output or IIS

ArtistaGUI-II Software

  • Full functional range with TARA Embedded Wizard
  • Support of Qt 5.x on request

The Embedded Wizard is TARA Systems’ easy-to-use and cost-effective embedded GUI software that enables you to create platform-independent, high-performance graphical user interfaces (GUI) even for resource-constrained microcontrollers. There are several sophisticated graphic objects available, which can be adapted to your individual needs. With the editor, you can effortlessly create screen pages using drag-and-drop operation. The properties of the individual objects can be edited at any time and actions (for example for touch buttons) can easily be created.

Qt 5.x is a GUI toolkit for the cross-platform development of graphical user interfaces and programs. In addition, Qt offers extensive internationalization capabilities as well as database capabilities and XML support