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The HighBright TFT Displays by Apollo Display Technologies are equipped with high-quality LED backlights and are especially bright. They are based on TFT displays from well-known manufacturers and still keep their color and contrast in sunlight or very bright ambient light, providing a perfect display.

For all listed variants we offer industrial VGA/DVI/Video kits or digital signage HDMI(HDCP)/DisplayPort kits (depending on the version).

HighBright LED-Rail Design

  • Low voltage rails < 10V for perfect adjustability and easy certification for ex-protected areas
  • With our SmartLED converters brightness adjustable from 0…100% ratio 1:15.000 for optimum display brightness and brightness charts
  • SmartLEDRover user software for free programming of SmartLED converters
  • low brightness variance from rail to rail due to high quality LED bins
  • low power consumption due to state-of-the-art LED-Chips

Special Options for TFTs

  • NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) class A and B
  • Antireflection front finish
  • Transflective (film): improved sunlight readability without increased power consumption
  • Mounted touchscreen: resistive analog or projected capacitive
  • With mounted protective glass
  • With optical bonded touchscreen /protective glass or laminated    touchscreen / protective glass


HighBright TFT Displays latest Generation

Including the latest LED chip technology for minimized power consumption.

Size Type Resolution Brightness Viewing angle v/h Operate/Storage Temp Interface Remarks
6.5″ G065VN01 V2-V540 640×480 1200 cd/m² LED 140°/160° -30…+85°C -30…+85°C LVDS
12.1″ G121XN01V0-V554 1024×768 1100 cd/m² LED 160°/160° -30…+85°C -30…+85°C LVDS
G121S1-L01-V467 800×600 900 cd/m² LED 178°/178° -30…+70°C -30…+80°C LVDS
14.0″ CP-B140HAN01.1-A00 1920×1080 300 cd/m² LED 178°/178° -0…+50°C -20…+60°C LVDS
15.0″ G150XGE-L04-V570 1024×768 1000 cd/m² LED 140°/160° -30…+80°C -30…+85°C LVDS
15.4″ G154I1-LE1-V549D 1280×800 925 cd/m² LED 140°/160° -30…+80°C -30…+80°C LVDS 1250 cd/m2 w/Heat Sink
17.0″ G170EG01V1-V567 1280×1024 1000 cd/m² LED 140°/160° -30…+80°C -30…+85°C LVDS
18.5″ G185XW01V1-V566 1366×768 1000 cd/m² LED 160°/170° 0…+60°C -20…+60°C LVDS  EOL
G185XW01V1-V568 1366×768 1500 cd/m² LED 160°/170° 0…+50°C -20…+60°C LVDS
21.5″ G215HVN01.0(S03)-V559 1920×1080 850 cd/m² LED 178°/178° 0…+50°C -20…+60°C LVDS
27″ CP-P270HVN01.0-A00 1920×1080 350 cd/m² LED 178°/178° 0…+50°C -20…+60°C LVDS