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Bluetooth® Smart Module

The Japanese Hosiden Corporation produces high quality Bluetooth® Smart Modules with compact design and low power consumption. In tests the modern Hosiden modules achieved a range of 80 meters.

For programming tools (for example, a software development kit) Hosiden co-operates with the manufacturer Nordic.

With the Bluetooth® Smart Module HRM1026 from Hosiden, Apollo Display Technologies now offers high-quality radio technology for your application . The very compact module with the dimensions 9 x 15.5 x 1.9mm has a built-in high-performance antenna, which achieved a range of up to 80 meters in tests. The power consumption is still extremely low, so that the module meets all requirements for installation in portable devices , where size, weight and battery life play an important role.

The HRM1026 offers a transmission power of typically + 4dBm and has the interfaces UART, SPI, I²C and GPIO. We offer the Evaluation Board HRM1029 for the simple development of your application software. Programming tools, such as a software development kit, are also available from chip manufacturer Nordic Semiconductor.

The module has passed all relevant tests and certification exams and there are corresponding radio approvals .

The HRM1026 can be used in many different ways, be it in industrial electronics for measurement and monitoring, in consumer electronics, home automation or for health products.
Two more Bluetooth® Smart Modules HRM1047 and HRM1062 are brand new and will go into series production in the middle of the year.

Please contact us, we will be happy to make you an offer.

Type Chip Interfaces Remarks
HRM1026 Nordic nRF51822 SPI, UART, I²C, ADC
HRM1047 CSR1010 UART, I²C, ADC from June
HRM1062 Nordic nRF52832 SPI, UART, I²C, ADC from July
HRM1029 Evaluation Board