Power Supplies for TFT Display Solutions

Here at Apollo Display Technologies, we provide you with selected power supplies (12V-24V) for TFT display solutions. All power supplies have been carefully tested to guarantee an optimum performance of the TFT display or TFT  display kit within the complete temperature range. As well, all of our power supplies are EISA and CEC compliant.

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Enclosed Power Supplies

MeanWell is one of the largest suppliers of enclosed power supplies, ranging from 5 watts all the way up to 9000 Watts, most of which can be sourced directly from stock. The power supplies have worldwide input voltages with screw terminal front ends for easy hookup as well as short circuit, over-voltage, and overload protection built-in. MeanWell enclosed power supplies are highly adaptable and are suited to a variety of different industries and applications. MeanWell power supplies with no load power consumption are available with up to 5-year warranties.

To see our list of available MeanWell LRS / RSP Series options, click here.

LED Drivers

At Apollo Display Technologies, we carry MeanWell LED power supplies that are extremely power-friendly, boasting an up to 95% efficiency rating. MeanWell carries a variety of different power supplies, some of which include metal and plastic encapsulated LED power supplies with approvals of UL, CUL, TUV, and CE. Some are available with additional options such as adjustable output, energy-saving, and brightness reduction. The LED power supplies have protection from dust and moisture and come with a minimum 2-year warranty.

To see our list of available MeanWell ELG / HLG Series options, click here.

Power Supplies from Apollo Display Technologies

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