5 Tips to Avoid Online Fraud

In this day and age, online fraud lurks around just about every corner of the internet, and if you are a computer user, you need to be actively protecting yourself from scams. 

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From the team at Apollo Display Technologies, take a look at these five tips to help protect yourself from online fraud:

1. Shop safely. 

As you do your online shopping, take some time to make sure the website you are on is secure and not a scam. When you are at the checkout screen, look for “https” at the beginning of the web address and see if there is a small padlock symbol appearing on the page. As well, remember the idea that if it sounds way too good to be true, it probably is.  

2. Beware of phishing emails. 

Phishing scams are emails and websites sent or created by hackers designed to trick users into revealing private information and login credentials. They may look real, but they are frauds. Trust your instincts! Never click on any links or pop-ups from sources you are unfamiliar with to avoid these traps.

3. Use strong passwords. 

Strong passwords are important in protecting your accounts and information. A secure password should contain a minimum of eight characters and include a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. And remember, don’t share your passwords with anyone!

4. Keep your personal information to yourself.

Hackers will go to great lengths to steal your information, such as combing through your social media to learn and figure out possible security question answers in password reset tools, like addresses, birthdays, your mother’s maiden name, etc. Be mindful of who you share your private information with and especially what you post online; you never know who can use it against you.  

5. Protect your computer. 

Cyber attacks become increasingly more present by the day, making it crucial to install antivirus software on your computers. Just as important, you need to make sure you always update your antivirus when one is available and regularly run the software to prevent and search for any viruses. This allows for optimal protection against malicious software if hackers try to infiltrate your network. Updating your computer’s operating system can also help ensure you are protected against fraud. 

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