Tips For Disinfecting Your Phone Screen

Did you know it’s recommended you thoroughly disinfect your phone at least twice a week to keep yourself safe from harmful bacteria? You probably have your cell phone on hand for most of the day, leaving you exposed to all the germs and bacteria it can pick up. But don’t worry, cleaning your phone is an easy process; you just need to make sure you’re doing so correctly. 

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Here’s how to properly clean and disinfect your phone for safer use: 

Prepare Your Phone

Before you start the cleaning process, you’ll want to remove it from its case so you can get every edge of your screen and the back of your phone. Also, be sure to power down your phone, so you don’t interact with the touchscreen as you clean.

Polish With a Microfiber Cloth

Find a soft microfiber cloth and gently wipe down the phone’s exterior surface to remove any built-on dirt and get rid of streaks. Washcloths and paper towels aren’t recommended for wiping down electronics since they can be too abrasive and have less surface area than a microfiber cloth.

Grab A Screen-Safe Disinfecting Wipe

Look for disinfecting wipes that say on the packaging that they are safe for topical use on electronic devices. And be sure to steer clear of the ports when wiping! If the wipes are very wet, take a moment to ring them out before using them on your phone.

Let it Dry

Most disinfectants are highly effective when the surface is then left to dry for at least five minutes after use to ensure all the germs are killed. If there is any leftover moisture, use the microfiber cloth again to help dry.

Don’t Forget Your Phone Case

There are as many if not more germs living on your phone case. Use the same steps as you would with your phone to clean your case and kill any germs or bacteria. After both your phone and case are dry, turn your phone on and put them back together, and you’re all good to go!

When in doubt, you can also always refer to the manufacturer’s manual you get when you first purchase your phone for best cleaning practices. 

Close up shot of young woman with a protective gloves, cleaning laptop screen with disinfectant wet wipes to avoid Coronavirus transmission

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