How Touch Screen Technology Helps Amusement Parks

Feeling as if they’ve been around since the beginning of time, amusement parks are an absolute joy across the country! And if you’ve ever visited one, you’ll know that beyond the bright pastels, twinkling lights, and fried food, there’s room for the addition of a technological advancement: touch screen technology! If you happen to own one of these parks, here are some things to consider:

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Why an Amusement Park Should Have Touch Screen Technology

Interactive Map

No matter how big or small your property might be, it’s always wise to have an interactive map on the premise. Just like a shopping mall, a digital map will help give your patrons the utmost ease knowing that they can find certain attractions, within seconds, only with the touch of their fingertips. 

And the best part about having digital maps is that if you add or remove an attraction from your park, the content on the screen can be updated without having to go through a rigorous process of having signs re-printed!

Fun Facts

Just like walking up and down the concourse of a museum, there are usually signs everywhere in the park that state what particular works of art are and their significance. And if you’re looking to throw some fun facts and trivia at your guests, then custom touch screen technology will be the solution. 

Whether it’s the history of a specific ride, a flower garden with fun, or fictional character statues, a touch screen display can be set in front, enticing guests to interact with it to learn more about what’s presented in front of them! 

Digital Kiosk

Depending on the time of day or season, you may be short-staffed. This can result in guests not having someone to ask questions to — which may discourage them from coming back to your park. 

The best solution is to have a touch screen as a digital kiosk. When this is implemented, guests can approach the display, choose a F.A.Q. or prompt it with their own, and receive an answer.

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