The Best Ways to Clean a Touch Screen Display

Just like a smartphone, a touch screen display has the potential to get a series of fingerprints and smudges on it over time. This not only takes away from the display but will actually be slightly annoying for anyone who happens to encounter it. If you’re looking for ways to keep your touch screen display clean, then here are some tips:

Microfiber Cloth

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, a microfiber cleaning cloth will be the best way to keep your touch screen as clean as new! Unlike a traditional cloth or paper towel, a microfiber cloth will be able to remove smudges within a matter of seconds. This will help keep your unit in pristine condition and will be simple to do on a daily basis (if needed).

Alcohol Wipe

Since you’ll want to avoid using water or any cleaning solutions on your device, opting for an alcohol wipe will be the best solution. These sanitary wipes can be found in-store or online at many different retailers and will not only help give your unit a deep cleaning, but it will also prevent the buildup of germs and bacteria from spreading.

We do suggest that if you’re using one of these wipes (or something similar), to avoid drenching your unit, since that might lead to smudging, forcing you to clean it again.


Another cleaning solution you can use is water — but use it very sparingly. Just by taking a microfiber cloth, put a small spritz of h20 on the cloth and wipe down the screen from top to bottom, repeating the process. This will not only help keep your unit clean, but it will also remove the smudges in the process.

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