Benefits of a Digital Display in a Store

Ah, shopping — one of the world’s greatest pastimes! Whether you’re going to a department store or you’re looking for toothpaste at the local drugstore down the block, shopping and commerce is around every corner — but what about digital displays? If you’re a business owner looking for a new way to attract your audience in retail, then there are many benefits of custom digital displays by Apollo:

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Advertise Sales

One of the biggest aspects of having a digital sign in your retail store is to advertise sales. From mascara to ground beef, the possibilities are endless of what you can put on your custom digital display screens. This is also a great tactic to get your audience to buy more, since digital signs have a higher percentage of keeping the general public fixated on your message, compared to print.

Use for Directions

Nine out of ten times, stores can be a little overwhelming in terms of the layout. For example, if you’re in a department store and are looking for cologne, then it may be a tough task to find the fragrance counter at first sight — but not with a digital sign pointing in its direction! With a custom digital display from Apollo, we can create those very signs that will be very helpful (and visually appealing) to your audience.

Implement a Greeting

Sometimes when you walk into a store, you’ll feel more at “home” if it’s filled with a friendly staff and cheery atmosphere. Think about when you walk into a major department store in New York City — there’s a digital welcome display set up at every corner. These displays not only bring your audience in, but it keep them loyal to your business since they feel valued. With a custom digital display from Apollo, we can design and create the most welcoming display in your town, that will have people talking about how great your business is!

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