Why You Need an Industrial Media Player

Let’s face it: when it comes to a custom display for your business, you want something that will standout among the rest. Sometimes when you purchase a standard media player for your display, it will come up flat — and won’t give you the creative edge you’re looking for. When you purchase an industrial media player from Apollo, we’ll help you soar above the competition — within an exception price range, too. If you’re looking into an industrial media player from Apollo, here are some features you can look forward to:

Highest Quality of Content Representation

Unlike traditional media players from other distributors, industrial media players from Apollo will bring your display to life — and will make your presentation as realistic as possible. Generally, media players can’t provide high-definition graphics when they’re connected to a display. This often causes the message to be lost, since it will be difficult to grab the attention of the audience. When you obtain your industrial media player from Apollo, you’ll have a bright, vibrant display that will be the talk of the town — or world, for that matter!

Energy Efficient

Besides providing your business with a high-quality product, we also take pride in giving you the greenest product available. That’s right: one of our biggest goals is to manufacture products that have the strictest eco design elements when designing the finished product! Green IT, as we call it, gives you the product you’ve always longed for while operating on the greenest of systems. Not only will you have an impressive display, but you’ll also be using less energy — which will cut down your carbon footprint in half. It’s truly the perfect solution to your display needs, which will also save money on your energy bill, too!

As the global leader in optical bonding, Apollo Display Technologies supports you in all project phases – from construction of the metal housing and procurement of specific parts to in-house development of controller boards and touchscreen integration. In need of a product, part, or have project in mind? Contact us today at (631) 580-4360 or click here for more information.

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Apollo - November 7, 2017

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