Zytronic Touch Controller

With the new Controller ZXY100 the Zytronic projected capacitive touch screens provide dualtouch functionality under Windows.

Please click here for the corresponding drivers.

Controller Technology Interface Notice
TC ZXY100-U-OFF-32-A  32-channel  USB up to 19″
TC ZXY100-U-OFF-64-A  64-channel  USB from 20.1″ to 60″
TC ZXY100-U-OFF-128  128-channel  USB from 60″
TC ZXY100-S-OFF-32  32-channel  serial up to 19″
TC ZXY100-S-OFF-64  64-channel  serial from 20.1″ to 60″
TC ZXY100-S-OFF-128  128-channel  serial from 60″
TC ZXY-S-OFF-32  32-wire  serial up to 19″