DMC Touchscreens

DMC’s analogue resistive 4- and the more robust 5-wire touch screens are the perfect choice for budget-priced, compact applications.DMC Touchscreens

Glass/glass – technology enables unlimited operation with gloves and resists all cleaning agents. Moreover these touch screens are especially clear, scratch-resistant and are controlled with the usual 4-wire controllers. On a project basis we can provide sizes from 7″ to 19″ and film/glass touch screens.

Apollo Display’s can supply you with the following DMC touch screens:

The 2 – 5 finger projected capacitive touch screens enable professional optical designs as seen in smartphones or tablet PCs, for indoor or outdoor applications. An optional cover glass protects against vandalism.

The anolog resistive 2-finger MTR touch screens are available with optional EMC shielding and we recommend them for projects with high EMC Standards.

Touch controller and the appropriate cables connect the touch screens with the PC interfaces RS232 or USB.