Data Display Group Projected Capacitive & Resistive Analog Touch Screens

Distribution and Manufacturing

We have added new Data Display Group 5″ to 12.5″ projected capacitive touch screens with modern white or black sealing to our lineup. These multi-touch screens feature fast response timePCAP Touch Screen | Capacitive Touch Screen | Data Display Group and low power consumption.

Apart from the competitive priced I²C controller versions, we offer the HID compliant USB versions. These do not require drivers for modern operating systems (e.g. Windows 7, Linux or Android).

The touch screens calibrate automatically when being initialized and when environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity) change.

Apollo Displays offers these touch screens as a complete unit – optically bonded to a TFT display.


Our touch integration competence center supports your design, evaluates the final functionality and supports your design. We supply resistive analogue and projected capacitive technologies.

Custom development of projected capacitive Touchscreens

  • In sizes from 2.2″ to 32″
  • Control via USB, I²C and RS232 interface
  • Glass thickness up to 15mm
  • Water, salt and blood detection
  • AG, AR, anti fingerprint surface
  • Customized tale position

Touch Mounting Service
For all touch technologies we offer the complete mounting in our clean rooms (up to class 1000).

Optical Bonding Service for Touch Screens
With our modern optical bonding technology VacuBond®Optical-Bonding, we combine touch screens and/or cover glasses with a TFT display to a complete unit.

Touch controller programming
We cooperate closely with our controller partners EETI, Goodix and Ilitek and have installed the necessary programming tools (in hardware and software) in our touch laboratory, So we can do any customization of the controller firmware to your integration and grounding structure.

Driver Integration
As an engineering service we offer the software integration of I²C and Linux drivers into your system.


Customized Integrated Front Unit

Do you need a complete touch unit that you can easily integrate into your device? We are happy to produce a solution according to your wishes and offer the following services:

  •   CNC machined aluminum front
  •   custom colors (RAL) and logos
  •   IP 65 true-flat glued touch / glass
  •   custom touchscreen
  •   Multifinger function, water detection
  •   Glass thickness according to your project (up to 10 mm)
  •   Surface finish: glare, antiglare, antireflection or antifingerprint
  •   Optional: optically bonded

Projected capacitive Touch Screens

Distec is one of the leading providers with “Design in Germany” and production in Asia. Our 3rd-party production is regularly checked.

Projected capacitive touch screens are usually briefly called PCAP touch screens. They are robust, can be easily equipped with protective glass and feature multi-touch function for up to 10 fingers, enabling gesture control.

PCAP touch screens are equipped with a network of electrodes (Metal Mesh, Silver Nanowire, ITO) that project an electromagnetic field that also passes through a protective glass. If this field changes at one point due to a touching finger or a stylus, the touch position is calculated and forwarded to the controller. Drag & drop, zoom, rotate or scroll via gesture control is possible.

Due to the glass surface, the PCAP touch screens are particularly scratch-resistant and can be cleaned with all cleaning agents – an important advantage in hygienically sensitive areas.

With optional protective glasses, the touch screens are vandal-proof and can be used in public areas. However, the number of touch points may vary depending on the strength of the protective glass used. PCAP touch screens are perfect for modern True Flat designs, as known from smartphones or tablet PCs, and thus ensure an appealing device design. We can offer the touchscreens also optically bonded as a unit with a protective glass and / or a TFT display.

We provide our own series PCAP touch screens and those from DMC in sizes from 2.2″ to 55″ (5.59cm to 139.7cm).

Size Glass Thickness Type Remarks
7″ 1.8mm TP-DD0700-A02    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex
1.8mm TP-DD0700-B03    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex
1.1mm TP-DD0700-A05    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex, white sealing
1.1mm TP-DD0700-A06    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex, black sealing
1.1mm TP-DD0700-A09    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex, incl. assembly tape
1.1mm TP-DD0700-A08    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex, incl. assembly tape
1.1mm TP-DD0700-A13 USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex, incl. assembly tape, more compact cover glass
10.1″ 0.7mm TP-DD1010-A04    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex
0.7mm TP-DD1010-D05    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex
10.4″ 1.8mm TP-DD1040-A03    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex (TP-DD1040-A03 is EOL. The successor product is the TP-DD1040-A05)
1.8mm TP-DD1040-A05    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex
1.8mm TP-DD1040-B04    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex
 11.6″ 1.1mm TP-DD1160-A00    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex
12.5″ 1.1mm TP-DD1250-A01    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex

We can implement our I²C version’s Android driver into your Linux Kernel
(e.g. Linux Kernel 2.6.27).

Resistive analog Touch Screens

The cost-effective resistive touchscreens can be operated by hand but also with every other object e.g.  with thick gloves.

Resistive touch screens consist of a glass or acrylic screen and a transparent plastic film, both of which feature an electrically conductive layer and are separated by small spacers (spacer dots). On contact, the film is pressed onto the screen and the two conductive layers are contacted. The resulting voltage change is reported to the touch controller, which calculates the touch position.

Glass / glass technology allows for unlimited use with gloves and cleaning with all cleaning agents. In addition, these touch screens are particularly clear and scratch-resistant and are controlled via the familiar 4-wire controller. On a project basis, we can supply you with glass / glass touch screens in sizes from 7″ to 24″ (17.78 to 60.96 cm).

We offer analog resistive 4-wire and the more robust 5-wire touch screens in sizes from 5.7″ to 24″ (14.48cm to 60.96cm). Besides Distec’s resistive touch line, we also offer products from Abon and DMC.

For selected niche TFTs e.g. 10.1″ we offer resistive analog touch screens, which are connector compatible to the DMC series.

Size Glass Thickness Type Remarks
7″ 1.8mm TP-DD0700-A00   1280×800
10.1″ 1.8mm TP-DD1010-A02
17.3″ 2.3mm TP-DD1730-A01   5-wire