Data Display Group Projected Capacitive & Resistive Analog Touch Screens

We have added new Data Display Group 5″ to 12.5″ projected capacitive touch screens with modern white or black sealing to our lineup. These multi-touch screens feature fast response time and low power consumption.

Apart from the competitive priced I²C controller versions, we offer the HID compliant USB versions. These do not require drivers for modern operating systems (e.g. Windows 7, Linux or Android).

The touch screens calibrate automatically when being initialized and when environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity) change.

Apollo Displays offers these touch screens as a complete unit – optically bonded to a TFT display.

Projected capacitive Touch Screens

Size Glass Thickness Type Remarks
5″ 0.7mm TP-DD0500-A01    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex
0.7mm TP-DD0500-A02    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex
7″ 1.8mm TP-DD0700-A02    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex
1.8mm TP-DD0700-B03    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex
1.1mm TP-DD0700-A05    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex, white sealing
1.1mm TP-DD0700-A06    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex, black sealing
1.1mm TP-DD0700-A09    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex, incl. assembly tape
1.1mm TP-DD0700-A08    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex, incl. assembly tape
1.1mm TP-DD0700-A13 USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex, incl. assembly tape, more compact cover glass
10.1″ 0.7mm TP-DD1010-A04    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex
0.7mm TP-DD1010-B05    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex
10.4″ 1.8mm TP-DD1040-A03    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex (TP-DD1040-A03 is EOL. The successor product is the TP-DD1040-A05)
1.8mm TP-DD1040-A05    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex
1.8mm TP-DD1040-B04    I²C Bus, Chip-on-flex
12.5″ 1.1mm TP-DD1250-A01    USB interface, HID compliant, Chip-on-flex

We can implement our I²C version’s Android driver into your Linux Kernel
(e.g. Linux Kernel 2.6.27).

Resistive analog Touch Screens

For selected niche TFTs e.g. 10.1″ we offer resistive analog touch screens, which are connector compatible to the DMC series.

Size Glass Thickness Type Remarks
7″ 1.8mm TP-DD0700-A00   1280×800
10.1″ 1.8mm TP-DD1010-A02
17.3″ 2.3mm TP-DD1730-A01   5-wire