Embedded GUI Controller for HMI Applications: ArtistaGUI

The ArtistaGUI is an embedded Human Machine Interface (HMI) Controller for upgrading simple controlling systems with a TFT Display. The result is an intelligent TFT module, which can be addressed via micro controller. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is programmed with a WYSIWYG Interface-Designer and the scripting language QT-Quick 1.1 (2.4. in preparation). For the communication protocol the robust and approved Modbus-RTU is employed.


  • NEW: now supports PCAP Touch Screens from DMC, Zytronic and Data Display Group I²C
  • Supports TFTs up to XGA 1024×768
  • 18/24-Bit LVDS and TTL interface
  • 8 GPIOs active for communication with external devices, optional any required quantity of GPIOs can be integrated
  • integrated LED backlight driver
  • on board 4-wire resistive touch controller, PCAP via integrated USB interface
  • 12V single supply
  • Temperature range 0°C – 50°C (extended temperature range on request)
  • RS-232 interface (RS-485 on request)
  • Ethernet interface for quick content update (option: wireless)
  • Optional: control communication via Ethernet
  • SD-Card interface for user software
  • no compiler needed, easy programming in QT-Quick

Custom Options

For projects the following features are optional:

  • up to 8 GPIOs (4 of these interruptible)
  • PWM Output
  • Analog Input
  • I²C Interface
  • USB-Host / OTG Interface
  • 100MBit/s Ethernet Interface

Plase contact us in case of any questions.

ArtistaGUI Example Applications

You can use the examples as follows:

With SD card (AR-02-180 / AR-02-181):

    • Download one of these examples
• Connect SD card to your PC with a card reader
• Extract zip file into micro SD card’s top folder
• Remove SD Card from the card reader
• Connect SD Card to ArtistaGUI (CON6)
• Restart ArtistaGUI

With FTP server (AR-02-180):

    • Download one of these examples
• Connect to ArtistaGUI with FTP
• Extract zip file into top FTP Folder
• Restart ArtistaGUI

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