Industrial Mediaplayer for full HD slide shows


The DigiPoster-III is a full HD capable network player which plays back slide shows and is based on our hardware platform ArtistaNET-III. Slide shows can be loaded or updated via Ethernet or via USB memory stick.

The benefits of our DigiPoster-III at a glance:

  • Still images and slide shows in highest possible quality (max. 1920×1080 pixels)
  • Display sizes: 16.26 cm (6.4″) to 208.28 cm (82″)
  • Resolution: VGA to Full-HD
  • 24-Bit color depth
  • Various image transitions adjustable via the playlist
  • Maintenance-free
  • Power consumption: typ. approx. 5W
  • Easy to use, Windows-based, cost-free software Artista Control Center to create slide shows and to upload them via Ethernet
  • Automatic update of content (FTP server)
  • Can also be used as stand-alone device (without network access)

For quick configuration, our software Artista Device Finder is available for download.
To demonstrate the functionality of the network interface of our media players DigiPoster-4.3, DigiPoster-III and VideoPoster-III, we offer the HTTP Control Demo software.

Customizing of the hardware as well as the firmware is possible.
Please contact us!


  • WLAN module
  • ArtistaIO board for external control of DigiPoster-III with buttons

We can supply this media player as a complete monitor solution. Please visit our Public Displays pages.

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