Industrial Mediaplayer for SD Video – ArtistaMEDIA

Our ArtistaMEDIA is a network player which plays back media files in MPEG/2 format from a CompactFlash card or hard disk drive. Videos can be loaded or updated via Ethernet or via USB memory stick.

The benefits of our ArtistaMEDIA at a glance:Industrial Mediaplayer for SD Video - ArtistaMEDIA

  • Very low power consumption of 4W
  • Connectivity for motion detector, pushbutton, etc.
  • Designed for easy integration into the WIN- and Linux-World
  • Update with Push- (ACC) or Pull-Technology (ftp server access)
  • Mixed playlists consisting of still images and videos

Customizing of the hardware as well as the firmware is possible.
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Please consider:
ArtistaMEDIA network players are only available in connection with a TFT display since control cards and controller boards for TFT displays must be adjusted or configured to the TFT display.

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