IF426 FPC Adapter + Backlight Driver Board

IF426 FPC Adapter + Backlight Driver Board


For an easy integration of Mitsubishi’s TFT displays AA035AE01

You can easily connect Mitsubishi’s TFT display AA35AE01 to an LVDS and backlight interface using the  IF426 FPC adapter + backlight driver board .

IF426 features an integrated LED backlight converter for optimum backlight operation.



Manufacturer Distec
Converter integrated
Temperature Range Top
Temperature Range Tst
Inputs [Vcc in]
LVDS connector JAE FI-X30SSLA-HF
Backlight connector Molex 53261-0600
Display LVDS FPC Yeonho 0500HR-H30J05
Display Backlight FFC Yeonho 0500HR-H06ED
Dimensions (LxWxD)
80.0 x 47.0 x 5.4