EMI Shielded TFT Modules


To meet standards like MIL-STD-461 or MIL-STD-285 it is necessary to prevent the emission of electro-magnetic/radio interference out of the TFT cell.To achieve such a high technical standard, we use transparent EMI glass with ITO technology, and copper-mash technology. The silver coated frame around the glass is used for grounding on the same ground-level as the TFT bezel.

On top of the EMI glass we can bond touchscreens in either resistive analogue, glass/glass technology or a projected capacitive touch to EMI glass. In order to accomplish this we use our sophisticated optical bonded process VacuBond (here either link to VacuBond side or some more info)

Other technologies we can integrate into the solution is NVIS (Night vision), and HiBrite LED rails or a combination of both as well as privacy filter or other filter.  Please click here for a custom hibrite NVIS backlight image. We also offer various filters such as anti-fingerprint or infrared filters.

With our engineering team we can design any mechanical structure to fit any customer needs.

As for COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) we can currently generate solutions in following diameters: 5” (in development) 6.5”, 7” (800×480), 7” (1280×800), 9”, 10.4”, 12.1”, 15.6”, 21.5”, 24”