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Apollo Displays & the DD Group - Specialists for Flatscreen Solutions

Apollo Display Technologies' parent company is the Data Display Group, based in Germering, Germany. The DD Group is comprised of six subsidiaries in five countries - ensuring the highest quality of support and professional service.

Our portfolio falls into three main groups:

As an international supplier of state-of-the-art TFT technologies and system solutions, Apollo Displays and the Data Display Group support you in all project phases - from the construction of the metal housing to the procurement of parts and the modification of our in-house developed boards and touch integration.

Benefits of our products are:

  • Latest system technology:Advanced research and development facilities in Germany, Turkey and stateside, in Ronkonkoma, NY
  • Pre-tested to ensure quality and usability: Prior to delivery or on-site installation, all systems are subject to detailed electronic tests.
  • Instant processing: Our customer service, based on ISO 9000, ensures reliable RMA processing including repair service and technical support.
  • Fast and flexible project realization In addition to distribution, Apollo Displays is your one-stop source for firmware,hardware, and our own engineered controller boards.

The Data Display Group has been a solutions provider to many renowned worldwide organizations for over 20 years. Our name stands for:

Experience and State-of-the-Art Technology: The engineers at our research & development facilities in Germering (Munich) and Ronkonkoma (New York) are exceptionally skilled in producing LCD panels and are focused on current and future technologies in the field.

One-Stop System Solutions: We specialize in complete customer customizations: hardware and software development, general mechanics to touch-integration,

Product Availability: : The Data Display Group maintains one of the largest worldwide stocks of LCD panels at our facilities in Germany and the USA.

Quality and Service: We develop all of our products in accordance with the highest industrial quality standards. We attach the utmost importance to high-value components, resilience under the most demanding conditions of use, and maintaining the long-term availability of our products. Our ISO 9000-certified Service Center guarantees a quick and reliable turn-around for returned goods.

Environmental Awareness: The natural world is the foundation of our livelihood, and as a consequence, environmental awareness is core to our business. We develop energy-saving products, promoting designs that take the environment into consideration (for example, we refuse to use tantalum capacitors) and implement resource-saving processes wherever possible.We even renovated our HQ and thanks to modern building management and future-proof heating technology we no longer have a need for fossil fuel.