ORTUSTECH TFTs Now Available at the Data Display Group

The Data Display Group signed a distribution agreement with the Japanese display manufacturer Ortus Technology (ORTUSTECH) and they are now available. ORTUSTECH was founded in 2010 by merging the display units of CASIO and TOPPAN and offers a variety of different small and medium sized TFT displays, especially suitable for rough outdoor use. With more than 30 years of experience with industrial displays, ORTUSTECH is one of the pioneers in the LCD sector and has developed the optimum technology for sunlight readable displays with low power consumption: The innovative Blanview technology. It perfectly combines the benefits of transmissive and transflective displays.

Optimum readability and color fidelity under almost all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight and a wide viewing angle are the main benefits of the Blanview technology. Blanview displays also show an up to 60% reduced power consumption (compared to conventional transmissive displays). All these advantages enable compact designs and long battery life – nowadays the basic requirement for modern products.
Typical for Japanese companies, ORTUSTECH is focusing on quality: Their displays sized 2.2″ to 9.6″ (5.588cm to 24.384cm) are lightweight and feature narrow bezels despite of being very robust and mastering rough environmental conditions due to an extended temperature range.
To ensure a reliable project planning, ORTUSTECH guarantees a long-term availability of at least 5 years.

ORTUSTECH advantages at a glance:

Right now we offer 8 ORTUSTECH displays in sizes from 2.2″ (5,588cm) to 5″ (12,7cm).
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