Innolux 15″ TFT display with wide viewing angle and unbeatable price/performance ratio

Innolux has launched the G150XNE-L01, a 15″ TFT display with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Compatible to the popular G150XGE-L04, the G150XGE-L04 features a symmetric wide viewing angle of v/h 176°/176°, which enables perfect readability from the sides. In addition, it is brighter than the G150XGE-L04 : 500cd/m².

The XGA resolution (1024×768), the wide operating  temperature range of -30 to + 80°C, the space-saving integrated converter for the LED backlight and the LVDS interface are identical for both displays. The G150XNE-L01 is also available as eDP interface version, named G150XNE-E01.

We can gladly offer you the display with one of our TFT controllers as a kit solution or provide you with a suitable touchscreen. Do you want to protect the display from external influences? An optically bonded front glass is the perfect solution.

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